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Strong voice

Watch: Young girl’s powerful words command rapt attention of demonstrators at anti-Trump protest

By WITW Staff on November 10, 2016

In big cities across the United States on Wednesday night, protesters took to the streets chanting slogans like “Not Our President,” burning Donald Trump effigies and carrying signs — and in some cases resorting to violence — as a show of disgust at the outcome of the presidential election. Nationwide, 124 protesters were arrested, many of them in New York City, right outside the president-elect’s posh penthouse apartment in Trump Tower.

Amid all of the sound and the fury to echo across the nation after Trump’s shocking victory, one little girl’s voice stands out above the rest. Twitter user Brittney Mckinney posted video from a protest taking place in the Dallas area on Wednesday night. It shows a young girl, likely no more than 10 years old, delivering an inspiring speech to what looks like hundreds of protesters who were gathered there.

“This little girl has more knowledge and compassion that [sic] half of this country,” Mckinney wrote in her tweet alongside the video. It’s a powerful moment: As she speaks, the crowd repeats her words.

“I am a female,” she said, the crowd echoing her words. “I am mixed-race. I am a child. And I cannot vote. But that will not stop me from getting heard.” At that point, the protesters cannot contain their enthusiasm for the girl, and they burst into applause. But she wasn’t finished.

“Love is love. And love Trumps hate!” The protesters exploded into another round of applause and the girl is seen hugging a man before the video cuts out.

Watch the entire 45-second video below. It’s racked up almost 9 thousand retweets as of this writing and 13,000 likes. It’s literally just what you need right now.


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