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Gloria Steinem.  (Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images for AOL)
Gloria Steinem. (Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images for AOL)


Gloria Steinem weighs in on Hillary Clinton’s historic presidential bid

By WITW Staff on November 10, 2016

Feminist icon Gloria Steinem was vocal throughout the 2016 presidential race. At one point she eviscerated then-Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina over a remark she made during a primary debate. Her unwavering support of Hillary Clinton even landed her in something of a controversy later in the nominating process. So, what does she think now that it’s all over and Clinton, narrowly, fell short of the White House? CNN compiled a list of 20 influential women who reacted to the election outcome.

Steinem’s remarks echo a sentiment Clinton expressed during her concession speech on Wednesday. “Young women should go on doing what they know is right. I and countless others are here to help,” she advised. Steinem also warned Trump about what Clinton’s popular vote victory portends. “It’s important to remember that she won the popular majority vote with every one of those positions, and that Donald Trump opposes them all, would put women’s reproductive lives in the hands of the government, and sees the world as a hierarchy with him at the top. What he seems not to know is that all change grows from the bottom, like a tree, and he might slow change but can never stop it.”

In an opinion piece for The Guardian, Steinem expanded on her point, writing that that “Hillary Clinton didn’t just play the game; she changed the rules. She insisted that women’s rights are human rights, that women can decide the fate of our own bodies, that workers of all races should get paid the same as white men for the same work, that fathers can and should be equal parents, that women’s rights and children’s rights should be fundamental to foreign policy, and that global warming was a reality. That’s why she was, and always has been, supported more by women than by men, more by voters of color than by white voters, and more by scientists than creationists. It’s also why she is deeply and vehemently resented.”

CNN collected the thoughts of numerous women from all aspects of American culture. Jennifer Finney Boylan wondered about the meaning of Trump’s victory, “His victory feels like a rejection of people like me (a transgender woman) — and of every single last soul in this country who has a ‘difference.'”

Former New Jersey Governor Christie Todd Whitman praised Clinton’s White House run. “I salute you, Secretary Clinton, for becoming the first woman to be one of the major parties’ nominee for President. You have broken a glass ceiling that desperately needed shattering and it is my hope that as a result many women will show the country what a difference a woman can make.

Others who weighed in on the outcome included big names like Hana Ali, Erica Jong and tennis legend Billie Jean King. Also, a TV host weighed in with the only contrarian and incendiary take, saying, “It wasn’t enough to be a woman.”

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