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Special screening

Breast Cancer Foundation workers collect tears from cinemagoers in New Zealand

November 9, 2016

At a special screening of the romantic drama Brooklyn, in Auckland, New Zealand, the Breast Cancer Foundation collected the tears of nearly 400 spectators. Tears, it turns out, could revolutionize the way breast cancer is screened throughout the world.

“They’ve already discovered the biomarker — which is what they call the protein in the tears,” explained Adele Gautier, the foundation’s research and communications manager. “Now it’s about understanding, ‘Well, how do you actually collect that and analyse the tears and then use that data to form the basis of some sort of screening in the future.'”

Using a tear collecting device known as Melody, it is possible to find the “biomarkers” in tears that indicate breast cancer within half an hour of testing. The test is both significantly cheaper and faster than a mammogram, but still must extensive clinical testing before it can be considered a reliable diagnostic tool.

The collecting of tears, researchers say, is also swift and painless — even without the help of a tear-jerking movie.

Watch video of the screening below.

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