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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump holds a campaign rally at the J.S. Dorton Arena November 7, 2016 in Raleigh, North Carolina. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Trump effect

Tina Brown says Donald Trump has ’empowered the lout in everyone’

By WITW Staff on November 7, 2016

Women in the World founder Tina Brown has a new opinion column that was published by The Daily Beast on Monday. In it, she tackles the news that FBI director James Comey, after 11 turbulent days that nearly upended the presidential race, announced Sunday that his agency’s second look into Clinton’s emails produced no change in.

Within the piece, though, is an insightful passage in which she puts her finger on a recent remark that illustrates the effect Donald Trump has had on American culture during this most bitter race for the nation’s highest office. Interestingly, it wasn’t even uttered by Trump — but that’s exactly her point. Speaking at a Trump rally in New Hampshire on Friday, longtime Republican John Sununu made an off-color joke that was met with a huge laugh from the audience. “Do you think Bill was referring to Hillary when he said, ‘I did not have sex with that woman’?” he asked the crowd.

“This kind of public parlance out of the mouth of Sununu is what Trump has done for us, folks. Empowered the lout in everyone,” Brown writes. Now, even “a former three-term governor and White House chief of staff under the first President Bush,” is speaking in unfathomably crude terms right out in the open.

Of course, that’s just one small aspect of her take on the election’s dramatic final days. She also addresses “the reappearance of Anthony Weiner’s errant genitals” and the future Hillary Clinton faces whether she prevails on Tuesday — or whether Trump wins the White House.

Read the full piece at The Daily Beast.


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