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Model Jasmine Tookes poses in the Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra

Image conscious

Victoria’s Secret releases unretouched photos of model with stretch marks

By WITW Staff on November 3, 2016

Victoria’s Secret, a brand that has often been criticized for overly Photoshopping its models, has released unretouched photos of a model showing her with visible stretch marks. In the photos, Jasmine Tookes is modeling a $3 million 450-carat bra — the ridiculously-named Fantasy Bra — but it’s the small stretch marks on her thighs (which usually get airbrushed away) that have really caught people’s attention. Many on social media have applauded the “realness” of the photos.  In recent years, more and more brands have been swearing off the excessive use of Photoshop and featuring models in their natural state. Last year, one lingerie brand reported a nine percent increase in sales after it began using images of models that hadn’t been Photoshopped.

However, Victoria’s Secret has not commented on the release of the raw images, so it’s unclear whether the company intentionally released them and was trying to make some kind of statement. The 25-year-old Tookes will be sporting the Fantasy Bra — which carries an astounding 9,000 precious stones — during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016, which will film in Paris and air on CBS Monday, December 5.

Read the full story at US Magazine.


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