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Vickie Wilkinson of Bozeman, Montana, was overcome with emotion after voting for Hillary Clinton. (Instagram)

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Daughter catches mom’s emotional moment on video

November 3, 2016

A Montana woman caught an emotional moment her mother had in the car last week and posted video of it to Instagram. For many women, the short clip will resonate and possibly even foreshadow the feelings they might experience this coming Tuesday. “Mom, why are you crying?” Sarah Dean asks her mother, 60-year-old Vickie Wilkinson of Bozeman, Montana, as the video begins rolling. Wilkinson puts her hand up indicating she needs a second to collect herself, then after a beat comes her answer: “I got to vote for a woman for president!” Wilkinson, who had taken part in her state’s early voting process, laughed and cried in what seemed like a cathartic moment for her.

Watch it below.


Mashable spoke to Dean by email, and she explained why she thinks her mom had the reaction she did to having cast a ballot for Hillary Clinton.

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