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Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump speaks at the Trump Soho Hotel in New York on June 22, 2016. (KENA BETANCUR/AFP/Getty Images)

Here we go again

In 1998 interview, Trump said women are strong because of their ‘sex drive’

November 1, 2016

During an interview with the BBC show HARDtalk in 1998, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump told host Tim Sebastian that women are stronger — or at least more aggressive — than men because of their “sex drive.”

“I believe that women are actually stronger than men, and I actually say that they’re not so much stronger, but I think they’re aggressive than men … I think that women’s sex drives are as good or greater than men’s sex drive,” he said. “And I mean, I’ve been witness to it, and perhaps you have too if you’re lucky. But the sex drive of women is extraordinary. They like to portray themselves as the weaker sex, but the weaker sex does not exist, believe me. They’re certainly the more aggressive sex.”

“I say this with respect,” he added.

At the time of the interview, ThinkProgress reports, Trump was promoting his 1997 book, The Art of the Comeback. Throughout his conversation with Sebastian, Trump spoke in detail about his views on women—within the context of both his personal life and the business world. At one point, for instance, Sebastian quotes a passage from Trump’s book that declares, “women have one of the great acts of all time. The smart ones act very feminine and needy, but inside they are real killers.” Sebastian asked Trump if he has a love-hate relationship with women.

“Well, I might,” he said. “I have mostly a love relationship with women because I totally admire, and respect, and love women. He then went on to say that “smart” and “successful” women “are really the ones who go out and do it without waving the banner of women’s liberation.”

As the presidential election fast approaches, Trump’s treatment of women has come under intense scrutiny. Earlier this month, The Washington Post released audio of Trump bragging about forcing himself on women, prompting many Republicans to withdraw their support from his campaign. To date, 12 women have accused Trump of sexual misconduct.

Watch the full BBC interview below.

Read more at ThinkProgress.



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