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Lyndon B. Johnson's original 1964 campaign ad.


Hillary Clinton uses ‘Daisy’ from iconic nuclear war ad to hammer Trump

October 31, 2016

A new ad from the Hillary Clinton campaign attacking Donald Trump’s fitness for office is offering a remarkable throwback to old political campaigns, by featuring the actress who played “Daisy” in an iconic ad warning about the dangers of nuclear war. Monique Luiz was 3 years old when she played a young flower girl in the Lyndon B. Johnson ad, while a nuclear missile is readied for launch in the background. “This was me in 1964,” Luiz says in the new Clinton ad, while the old ad plays. “The fear of nuclear war that we had as children, I never thought our children would ever have to deal with that again. And to see that coming forward in this election is really scary.”

The ad further argues that Donald Trump is unfit and too reckless to be trusted with nuclear weapons, and includes footage of him saying he wants to be “unpredictable” when it comes to military action and declaring his desire “bomb the sh*t out of them,” a remark he made during a campaign rally. A spokesman for the Trump campaign, Jason Miller, called the ad a “sad and desperate attempt” to distract from Clinton’s own trouble with FBI director James Comey and argued that the world had become a “less safe place” under Obama and Clinton, while she was secretary of state. Trump’s fitness for office — particularly when it comes to handling foreign policy and military issues  — has been a recurring issue in the campaign. In August,  50 Republican national security officials released a letter saying he would put the country’s security “at risk” as president, while in October, 10 former nuclear launch control officers signed a letter saying he could Trump “should not be entrusted with the nuclear launch codes. He should not have his finger on the button.” The new ad is set to air in Arizona, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. You can watch it below.

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