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(Instagram: Brittany Perille)


Pregnant fitness star sees Instagram account shut down because of ‘nudity’

October 28, 2016

Brittany Perille, a fitness trainer who became an Instagram celebrity thanks to her popular workout videos, saw her account suspended for “nudity” on Thursday after she posted a video of a training session with her six-month baby bump on display. “I have posted tons of exercise videos working out in a public gym wearing athletic sports bras and yoga pants, but this time it was different. This video was the first video — I had yet to share my new body, my mommy-to-be body,” the 27-year-old told PEOPLE. “This video showcased my new baby bump where my washboard abs used to be. I guess my 6-month-pregnant belly was too much for Instagram to handle.”

The fitness star, who has close to one million followers on the photo-sharing app said she did not understand how her video would violate Instagram’s community guidelines or could be interpreted as nudity. She believes some of her followers might have been upset by seeing her changing body, given the body shaming comments she began receiving over the course of her pregnancy. “Being six months pregnant, I have received a handful of comments stating I am ‘too big,’ ‘too pregnant’ and ‘too out of shape’ to be posting bare belly pics and workout videos,” attributing the negative comments to outdated beliefs about pregnant women. While she has since had her account reinstate, she says the suspension has hurt her business, affecting her online sales and caused her to lose a sponsorship deal. This is hardly the first time Instagram, or its parent company, Facebook, has caused controversy by censoring photos. Last year, Instagram apologized after censoring a photo of woman that showed her wearing pants stained by apparent menstrual blood, but that did not violate any of the site’s terms of service. Facebook has also been forced to apologize for censoring photos of plus-size models.

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Instagram’s pursuit of propriety is sexist and senseless