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Karate grannies

Targeted by rapists due to HIV myth, older women in Kenya learn karate to defend themselves

October 27, 2016

A group of older women living in a slum of Nairobi, Kenya, some as old as 85, have begun learning martial arts in order to fend off rapists who target the elderly because of a belief that they are less likely to have HIV.

“If he goes to that woman, [he assumes] she is not sexually active,” explained Jane, 55. Jane says she’s already had to use her new skills to fend off an attacker. “He touched my neck, and then I boxed him, and another one, and another one,” she recalled. “They can’t touch me.”

Jane and 19 other women meet every week for self-defense classes in which they learn what is believed to be Shorin Ryu style karate. The more women who take the classes, Jane says, the less chance the would-be rapists will stand. “Three women like me can stand up to five attackers,” she says.

Watch video of the karate grannies below.

Read the full story at Vibe.


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