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Katherine Stone (Twitter)

‘Do it for love’

21-year-old woman auctioning off virginity to help her family after house fire

October 26, 2016

Katherine Stone is the only virgin on the Kit Kat Ranch, one of Nevada’s legal brothels, but she’s intent on changing that. Stone, who is spending her time “learning the ropes” at the brothel, is in the process of auctioning off her virginity, so she could help her family, which is struggling financially after an electrical fire destroyed their Seattle home in 2014. “For a time, my parents were actually living at the burned-down house,” she told The Washington Post. “It was really hard to actually get back on your feet after everything.” Stone says she came up with the idea after reading about a woman who had auctioned off her virginity in order to pay for college, and said she saw it as an opportunity for “fixing all that I really need to fix.” Stone’s story was brought to light by CNN’s Lisa Ling in a recent episode of This Is Life. Watch a short clip of her below discussing how she arrived at her decision.

So, she contacted Dennis Hof, a businessman who owns seven brothels in the state, and claims he regularly receives these kind of requests but is usually reluctant to indulge them — but decided to go ahead after meeting Stone and her mother, who is not happy about her daughter’s idea, but still supportive. “I still didn’t like it, that somebody’s desperate to do something,” Hof told The Washington Post. “I said, I’ll do this with her but I don’t want any of the money. Other articles are not saying that. I’m doing it to help this girl … Now that I’ve gotten to know this girl, I just love her. She’s amazing. She lives at the ranch. She’s part of our family now, and I hope this works out for her.” Stone has been working at the Kit Kat Ranch since May, first helping out in the restaurant but now also offering massages and “doing some things in the room,” for which she gets to keep 50 percent of what she brings in. So far Stone has met with three people who’ve made offers, the highest bid of which was $400,000, but she feels it’s too early to decide, as she is waiting for the right person. “I’m definitely choosing someone not just because of the price but [because] of the connection,” she added.

Read the full story at the The Washington Post.


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