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No boys allowed

New social club in NYC is women only — in more ways than one

By WITW Staff on October 25, 2016

A new female-only members club, The Wing, has opened in the Flatiron District of New York City, where many of the city’s first all-female social clubs were formed. This reimagining of the traditional boys’ club, features the work of women throughout — including paintings by Leanne Shapton, ceramics by Isabel Halley, and terrazzo tables by Carly Jo Morgan. Compiling the library, said librarian and writer R.H. Lossin, was particularly pleasurable.

“It was quite fun to have this on my mind for weeks,” said Lossin. “I would be sitting at work and think ‘Lord Byron’s daughter was a mathematician!’ and I’d look up biographies of Ada Lovelace … I’d remember Hildegard of Bingen and Christine de Pizan and the fact that women usually ran the famed salons of enlightenment in Paris … Quickly, I had hundreds upon hundreds of books.” Compiling an “interesting, intellectually rigorous and diverse library” without a single male author, Lossin noted, proved “not at all challenging.”

The goal of the club, said Shapton, is to cultivate an environment for those “who are both politically conscious and active, sympathetic and artistic.” The result, wrote Vogue’s Brooke Bobb, is “an-Instagram-waiting to happen, [perfect], jealously-inducing blend” — with no boys allowed.

Read the full story at Vogue.


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