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‘Mansplaining’ definition soaks up pop culture spotlight on ‘Jeopardy!’

October 25, 2016

You know something has officially cracked the pop culture pantheon when it gets turned it into a Jeopardy! question. “This 21st century word happens when a male patronizingly tells a female about a topic she already understands” was the question to a $600 answer in the “That Explains It” category on episode that aired October 19. Contestant Shannon correctly guessed “mansplaining,” and made sure to tell Alex Trebek he would “never do that!” With the word’s recent inclusion in the Oxford English online dictionary and Trebek’s seal of approval, it seems like the concept of “mansplaining” is here to stay — which is a good thing, in a world where female astrophysicists and astronauts still regularly get their own fields of expertise explained to them by less qualified men.

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