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Woman tweets photo of man who allegedly groped her and others on airplane

By WITW Staff on October 24, 2016

After allegedly being groped by a man while boarding a flight in Texas, Los Angeles-based writer and performer Ariana Lenarsky took a photo of the man she says harassed her. “Not going to post it,” she tweeted at the time, “but I hope he’s freaked out.” Lenarsky said she then informed the flight attendants of the harassment, only for them to tell her that the man had also harassed other women during the flight and that they had contacted authorities who would meet them on arrival.

But when FBI met Lenarsky and the other accusers in the airport, they were unsympathetic. They allegedly told her that she would have to fly back to Austin, on her own dime, if she wanted to press charges — a prospect at which Lenarsky balked. They then allegedly told another woman, who said that the man had tried to kiss her mid-flight, that any charges she filed would have to involve the FBI. At being told this, the woman also reportedly said she would not pursue the matter. Having ensured that no-one would be pressing charges, the authorities purportedly promised to give the man a “talking to,” telling the victims that “it’s not the crime of the century.”

After realizing that the man would get away with his alleged misconduct, Lenarsky decided to unleash some consequences on her alleged harasser herself — by posting the picture that she had snapped of him earlier to Twitter. Since “it’s not the crime of the century,” she tweeted, it should be “nbd.”

Read the full story at The Sydney Morning Herald.


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