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‘Casual sexism’

Man criticizes women over 20 for wearing yoga pants — hundreds parade by his home in response

By WITW Staff on October 24, 2016

In response to a letter published in a local Rhode Island newspaper in which a man declared it “bizarre and disturbing” to see women over 20 years old wearing yoga pants, hundreds of people marched past the man’s house this past Sunday as part of a “Yoga Pants Parade.”

In a letter written to The Barrington Times, Alan Sorrentino, 63, compared women wearing yoga pants in public to men wearing speedos to the grocery store. “To all yoga pant wearers, I struggle with my own physicality as I age,” wrote Sorrentino. “I don’t want to struggle with yours.”

In the wake of backlash over his comments, Sorrentino has since backtracked by claiming the letter was meant as satire. But Jamie Burke, a Barrington resident, was not amused. She organized what she called “a positive response to casual sexism” by inviting people to join her for “a stroll through the neighborhood” in their yoga pants. Hundreds of women and girls showed up to the parade, walking by Sorrentino’s Knapton Street home — on the outside of which Sorrentino had plastered a sign reading, “FREE SPEECH” — before ending with a yoga session outside the Hampden Meadows School.

Sorrentino, who said he had received death threats after the publishing of his letter, has called the parade “bullying.” An invitation by Burke to wear yoga pants and join in the parade, he added, was “humiliating.”

Read the full story at The Boston Globe.


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