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Rudy Giuliani, Erin Burnett, Mark Cuban (YouTube).

Personal space

Rudy Giuliani held Erin Burnett’s wrist for an awkwardly long time while arguing with Mark Cuban on CNN

By WITW Staff on October 20, 2016

While Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has declared an affinity for grabbing women “by the pussy,” his surrogate-in-chief, Rudy Giuliani, apparently prefers to grab women by another more PG body part: the wrist. That is the conclusion one could draw from footage of a little debate undercard CNN held between the former New York City mayor and billionaire Mark Cuban prior to Wednesday night’s main event between Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

During the exchange, which got a little tense, Giuliani briefly grabbed host Erin Burnett’s wrist, then released. OK, heat of the moment, NBD. But then as Cuban drove home a point and Burnett tried to get a word in, Giuliani began speaking and grabbed her wrist and said, “Let me finish!” before launching into the rest of his point. However, the physical touching didn’t end quickly, like it did the first time. The entire time Giuliani pontificated about Clinton’s poor handling of her email while secretary of state, he continued holding on to Burnett’s wrist. At times, it looked as though he was holding on for dear life as he’s had to watch his candidate’s hopes at clinching the presidency going up in smoke. Now, it may seem like we’re reading a lot into this episode, but there was actually a lot to think about while he was clutching Burnett’s wrist. The whole thing lasted an obscene 27 seconds. Burnett, the consummate professional, soldiered through as though no one had violated her personal space. Watch the exchange below and during the uncomfortable 27 seconds, ponder whether Giuliani would’ve grabbed the host’s wrist if it were, say, Anderson Cooper sitting next to him.

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