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(Lovely Jojo's)


Fashion designer makes dress out of comments made about her appearance

October 19, 2016

Jojo Oldham, a British designer has found a creative and “fitting” way to deal with the incessant stream of comments she has to endure about her appearance: wear them on a dress! “Ever since people started commenting on my appearance — so, from the age of about 6 — those comments have stuck with me and will pop into my mind when I’m getting dressed or when I catch sight of whatever piece of me they were commenting on,” Oldham, who hand-painted the comments on a cheap white dress, explained to Mashable. “As I got older and those comments have swirled round and round my head, it dawned on me just how many different things people have said to me about my body and I knew I had to turn it into a piece of art,” she continued.

(Lovely Jojo's)
(Lovely Jojo’s)

Oldham included comments as “fierce,” “strong” and “goddess” among the more creepy catcalls such as “whole lotta woman” and “I’ll have some of that.” Oldham added that she made this piece of art because she was worried about the fact that children learn at a very young age to dissect their appearance. Oldham said she “wanted to open up a bit of a discussion about how we treat each other and how we talk about our bodies.” She also wrote about creating the dress on her blog, where you can see more photos of her work.

Read the full story at Mashable.


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