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Women spend more time on their smartphones than with their partners, research shows

By WITW Staff on October 14, 2016

Partners and special others are being overlooked by women in favor of their smartphones, according to a new study conducted by Bausch + Lomb Ultra contact lenses.

Women, the study found, spend on average 12 hours more per week on their smartphones than they do with their partners. Researchers added that women reported stress, anger, and panic as a result of being unable to access their phones — according to one-fifth of those surveyed, spending a week without their phone was harder than going a week without their partner. Even on a honeymoon, more than half of adults said they browsed social media, more than a quarter said they checked personal email, and nearly one in 10 said they checked their work email.

Fortunately for those interested in relationships with women, women aren’t forced to choose between having relationships and having phones. If they did have to choose, it doesn’t appear like it would be much of a contest.

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