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Vagina Dispatches: The Guardian launches a wonderfully candid investigation into female anatomy

By WITW Staff on October 14, 2016

Guardian journalist Mona Chalabi and filmmaker Mae Ryan have posted the latest episode in their delightfully curious ‘Vagina Dispatches’ series. The straight-talking reporters have teamed up to help readers “improve [their] genital knowledge” and to that end have already created two 15-minute videos; the first on “The Vulva” and the second on “Stopping Periods.”

In between walking the streets of Manhattan, engaged in conversation about their own experiences and discoveries, the most recent episode sees Chalabi and Ryan visit a former Olympic swimmer, whose attempts to delay her period ahead of the 1948 Games resulted in a devastating outcome; a prison activist and former inmate, concerned at the lack of resources available to incarcerated women; a scientist from Brazil who pioneered hormonal injections 50 years ago to stop periods, and a couple who make art using menstrual blood.

Mona Chalabi and Mae Ryan have launched a bold, fun investigation into the vagina.
Mona Chalabi and Mae Ryan have launched an investigation into the vagina.

After the first episode, readers were invited to submit a drawing of a vulva — resulting in a collection of almost 17,000 images and counting — or test their “cliteracy” by taking a quiz.

The next episode in the four-part series will be on “The Orgasm Gap.”

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