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'Walking Prayers'

Powerful spoken word video reminds men to respect those who gave them life

By WITW Staff on October 14, 2016

“Walking Prayers,” a spoken word music video by famed poet/singer/songwriter Gina Loring and directed by world renowned photographer Deborah Anderson, has a message of empowerment for women worldwide — and a reminder to boys everywhere to remember, and value, where they came from.

The video opens with Loring, clad in a white dress, as she launches into verse extolling women as the “lifegivers,” testifying to women’s strength and achievements throughout history. But those same children that women bring into the world, she sings, go on to oppress them. “Boys only treehouses grow up to be boys only governments, boys who have forgotten their mother’s womb was their first home … we must remind them, from our breast you were fed.” As Loring sings these verses, the video cuts to images of Donald Trump angrily gesticulating at crowds of clamoring men.

And when men violate women, Loring sings, it’s a desecration of the “holy ground” from once they came, “a violation against God, a sin against yourself, Karmic suicide.”

“Walking Prayers” is being publicized by One Billion Rising, a global movement that works to prevent the rape of women — the name of the group stemming from the approximately one billion women worldwide who will be raped or beaten in their lifetime. Watch the video below.

Read the full story at One Billion Rising.


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