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New York City pharmacy advertises genius ‘7% man tax’ in store window


Do your eyes glaze over every time you hear Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton talk about tax policy? If so, here’s story about a tax policy that might be a little more palatable. The owner of a local pharmacy in the SoHo neighborhood of Manhattan came up with a genius way to call attention to the phenomenon known as the “pink tax,” and it’s definitely getting attention. The storefront windows of Thompson Chemists feature two signs: to the left of the entrance, a sign hangs in a window that reads, “All female customers shop tax free”; and to the right of the entrance, a sign hangs in the window that reads “all male customers are subject to a 7% man tax.”

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The “man tax” is a tongue-in-cheek way for the store to raise awareness about the “pink tax” and gender price discrimination in general, the pharmacy’s owner Jolie Alony told The Huffington Post. Over the summer, New York state officially banned the “tampon tax,” which had been enacted in 1965. But in many other states in the U.S. and around the world the tampon tax or pink tax — taxes placed on female sanitary products — is a hotly debated issue.

While it was meant to be a tongue-in-cheek way to call attention to a real issue, some people did not receive it that way. And by “some people,” we mean men’s rights activists who have lashed out at Alony and flooded pharmacy’s Yelp page with with criticism. She even received phone calls from angry men accusing her of sexism.

Alony told HuffPost that people in the neighborhood reacted positively to the signs, by and large — men included. She added that no men have actually been charged the seven percent tax, but she has been giving women a seven percent discount. “We just wanted to show people that there’s ‘pink tax,’ and that women just pay more for things,” she said. Now that’s a policy we can get behind.

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