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Yoga teacher Nikki Perry and actress Kate Winslet in a social media post about Spanx creator's Sara Blakely's new book 'The Belly Art Project' (Instagram).

Belly art

Kate Winslet shows off her baby bump in truly eye-opening photo

October 11, 2016

There are so-called baby bump photos and then there is this photo of Kate Winslet who was happy to support a good cause launched by Spanx founder Sara Blakely. Winslet, a mother of three, is one of 100 moms featured in a new book by Blakely called The Belly Art Project. The book features moms from all walks of life — including celebs like Winslet and Alyssa Milano — who allowed their pregnant bellies to be turned into art canvasses. The result is a playful book of art, but also a good cause as all proceeds of sales will be donated to Every Mother Counts, Christy Turlington-Burns’ nonprofit that aims to make pregnancy and childbirth safe for moms all over the world. In the book, Blakely explains where the idea came from, Cosmopolitan reports. In the late stages of one of her pregnancies — “three days before I delivered my son” — Blakely woke up in the middle of the night with an urge to make a canvas out of her midriff. She said she wanted “to capture the moment in time with my belly in an out-of-the-box, lighthearted way.”

In the photo, Winslet is seen posing with Nikki Perry, a New York-based Yoga teacher. Both women have their baby bumps painted to look like eyeballs. Many of the painted bellies in the book are, like the work done on Winslet and Perry, also pretty exquisite.


Blakely appeared on NBC’s Today show on Monday and talked more about what was behind the idea and the scene she caused in a supermarket when she went to have one of her first photos shot.

To see more photos of women with their baby bumps painted, visit The Belly Art Project website.


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