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Family reunion

2 women spent years searching for their biological father — only to make stunning discovery about themselves

October 7, 2016

Lisa Horner, 29, a mother of four from Nottingham, had not seen her father since she was 10. After years of fruitless searching — a process that began once she turned 18 — a woman named Sue Parton responded to a message left by Horner on a missing persons website. Her grandfather Rebecca, Sue said, had been searching for her father as well — and he exactly matched Horner’s description.

Horner tracked down Rebecca, 21, on Facebook and, after a quick chat, the pair realized that they might both be searching for the same person. A few months after finding each other, the two women underwent a DNA test — the results confirming that the two were, in fact, half-sisters.

Two weeks ago, the women met each other for the first time. “I was very nervous, so much so that I felt sick,” said Rebecca. “I was sat at the station for a while but what I didn’t realise was I was sat next to Lisa’s mum. It was really exciting though and so great to find I have more family.” The sisters now talk “all the time,” and plan to get together again for the first birthday of Lisa’s son and to celebrate Christmas. “I always thought I was an only child,” Rebecca explained. “So to find I have a sister is absolutely amazing. I’m still having to pinch myself.”

The pair has still not tracked down their father, who disappeared after Rebecca’s mother Andrea died of cancer at the age of 37. “My gran used to say that he’d pop out for a pint of milk and not come back for two weeks,” said Horner. “He’s missing out on his grandchildren growing up and this whole new family.” But in the end, Horner said, she had no regrets. “I am just so happy I got to find the sister I never knew existed.”

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