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Gaza blockade

Women’s Boat to Gaza boarded and redirected near Israeli coast

By WITW Staff on October 6, 2016

The Women’s Boat to Gaza, an aid ship crewed solely by women that had hoped to break the decade-long blockade of the Gaza Strip, has been intercepted by the Israeli navy and redirected to the port city of Ashdod, according to recent reports. In a statement, the Israeli Defense Forces confirmed that they had boarded the ship and claimed that no passengers had been injured.

The Women’s Boat to Gaza, which set out from the Spanish city of Barcelona nearly a month ago, is part of a campaign by the Freedom Flotilla Coalition that seeks to raise awareness about the ongoing blockade of Gaza by Israeli forces. A second boat, the Amal 2, had been forced to return to Barcelona after technical malfunctions that organizers said may have been caused by intentional tampering.

A spokesman for the International Coalition for the Fourth Freedom Flotilla, Sondos Ferwana, confirmed that the boat had been seized, calling the incident “another act of Israeli piracy.” Ferwana said that they were unsure of “the fate of the activists aboard,” among them 1976 Nobel Laureate and Northern Ireland peace activist Mairead Maguire and Turkish professional athlete Cigdem Topcuoglu, whose husband was among 10 activists killed by the Israeli military in an earlier attempt at breaking the blockade.

Read the full story at Reuters.


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