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Former Baylor University Title IX coordinator Patty Crawford (YouTube).

Protect the brand

Woman who resigned after leading sexual assault investigation at Baylor University breaks her silence

October 5, 2016

Patty Crawford, the former Title IX coordinator who once led investigations into sexual assaults on the campus of Baylor University spoke out on Wednesday in her first interview since resigning from the job. Baylor, the largest Baptist university in the U.S., has been under intense scrutiny for the last year over its handling of sexual assault allegations made by students. Crawford who was brought on by the Texas University in 2014 says university officials set her up to fail “from the beginning.” In the meantime, the school had commissioned an independent law firm to assess its handling of sexual assault claims made by students and alumni. The resulting reported excoriated the school saying its efforts to address sexual assault were “wholly inadequate.” The school’s football team was cited as operating “above the rules,” and the coach was eventually fired amid a national scandal.

Crawford, during an appearance on CBS This Morning, said school officials made it nearly impossible to carry out her duties as Title IX coordinator, a role charged with preventing gender discrimination on campus. Addressing claims of sexual violence also falls under the purview of that position. Crawford said she dramatically increased the number of sexual assault reports — the independent review found the school had been negligent in not even filing basic reports in many cases — but the more diligently she did her job, the more school officials interfered and even retaliated against her, Crawford said.

“I continued to work hard and the harder I worked, the more resistance I received from senior leadership. That became clear that that was not something the university wanted and in July, I made it clear and ready that I had concerns and that the university was violating Title IX and my environment got worse,” Crawford said. She added that school officials seemed more concerned with “protecting the brand” than protecting the students.

In statement, the university said it was surprised by Crawford’s resignation and public remarks on her time working there. Meanwhile, the school is facing a lawsuit filed by six women who say they were raped on Baylor’s campus and the school failed to properly investigate the cases. Watch Crawford’s full interview below.

Read the full story at CBS News.


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