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Video shows women explaining why they plan to vote for Hillary Clinton


Sitting between her mother and her sister, Emily Stine said she was sick of the focus placed on Clinton’s appearance in news covering the election. “We end up talking about, ‘Did she smile enough?'” Stine noted. “No one would ever want to know, ‘Did a male candidate smile enough?'”

Insinuations made in media that Clinton was responsible for the affairs of her husband, said Rainah Chambliss, were not only unfair but indicative of a double-standard.

“She had a husband who had some indiscretions. Her husband had indiscretions,” said Chambliss. “Yet we have a Republican candidate who’s been married three times.”

“Mom lived through that,” noted Raina Murdock, referring to an affair endured by her mother, Polly Frey, who sat next to Raina on a couch.

“They’re saying that Hillary’s a pushover or whatever because she put up with that,” said Frey. “Her choice was to stay. She had a lot at stake.”

But the most important thing, said Koker, Rainah’s mother, is how prepared Clinton is to assume the mantle of the presidency. “She may be the most qualified person running for president ever,” said Koker.

Watch the complete video below.



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