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Bana Al-Abed (Twitter)

'I am very afraid'

7-year-old Syrian girl shares photos and video of the bombings in Aleppo via Twitter

By WITW Staff on October 4, 2016

Seven-year-old Bana Al-Abed, a resident of Aleppo in Syria, has been live-tweeting bombings in the besieged city as they happen. Video posted on her Twitter feed shows the young girl staring into the night sky with her fingers in her ears, flinching as explosion after explosion rings out. “I am very afraid I will die tonight. This bombs will kill me now. – Bana,” she wrote.

Bana and her mother Fatemah live in Eastern Aleppo, which is controlled by rebel forces. Joint operations by the Syrian and Russian military have bombed the city unrelentingly, hoping to drive the rebels into submission. Together with her mother, Bana has spent the past few weeks sharing photos and videos of what life is like for the ordinary Syrian citizens who live there. In one photo, she shows the bombed house of a friend of hers who was killed. In another smoky image taken in front of her house, Bana explained that the haze came from a phosphorous bomb.

Speaking with Mashable via Twitter direct message, Bana said that she had learned English from her mother, a teacher. She said that food and water shortages are a major problem in the city, and that the bombings came “at every time.” She also shared her desire to someday become a teacher herself, but added that “nobody is going to school here except a few children.”

In an interview with the BBC, Fatemah said that her daughter hadn’t been able to see her friends in a long time — not since her school was bombed. “We are not terrorists. We are not ISIS,” said Fatemah. “We are all innocent here.”

Read the full story at Mashable.


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