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Cora Faith Walker (Facebook)

Sexual assault

Missouri House candidate publicly accuses another House candidate of rape

October 3, 2016

A candidate for the Missouri House of Representatives is pressing charges against another House candidate who allegedly raped her after drugging her with wine. Cora Faith Walker, a Ferguson, Missouri, attorney running unopposed for a seat in the Missouri House, wrote a letter to Missouri House Speaker Todd Richardson and two other House leaders detailing the accusations and asking that her alleged rapist not be allowed to take up office until after the completion of the investigation.

Walker said that she had wanted to meet with Steven Roberts Jr., a House candidate running unopposed in a different district, as the two were slated to become the only black lawyers in the Missouri legislature. But after having two glasses of wine with Roberts, she said, she awoke the next day in a bed with no memory of the previous night. “I had no recollection of why I was still there,” she said. She informed her husband of the incident the following day, she said, but they took several weeks before they decided to press charges “in the interest of [Walker’s] own safety and the safety of others.” Roberts responded to the allegations saying they are “completely and unequivocally false” and vowed to provide evidence that would show that what happened between himself and Walker was “consensual.” He has not been arrested or charged, his lawyer reportedly said.

The accusations are the latest in a series of sexual harassment allegations to have embroiled the Missouri State Capitol. The former House speaker, Rep. John Diehl, resigned after it was revealed he had been harassing an intern through text messages. Missouri State Senator Paul LeVota also resigned after having being accused of sexually harassing his interns.

Read the full story at The Washington Post.


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