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Most wanted

Self-described ‘housewife’ leads anti-ISIS army, posts pictures of beheaded militants on social media

By WITW Staff on September 29, 2016

Thirty-nine-year-old Wahida Mohamed, better known as Um Hanadi, leads an army of around 70 men in Shirqat — an area that she, alongside other tribal militia troops and government forces, recently helped liberate from ISIS. Speaking with CNN’s Ben Wedeman, the self-described “housewife” said that she had been fighting terrorists since 2004, and that she had “received threats from the top leadership of ISIS, including from Abu Bakr (al-Baghdadi) himself.” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, it should be noted, is ISIS’s self-declared caliph. “I’m at the top of their most wanted list,” boasted Um Hanadi. “Even more than the prime minister.”

Um Hanadi, who first began fighting terrorists in her country in 2004, said that her second husband, father, and three brothers have all been killed by ISIS. Her first husband was also killed in action. Car bombs, she added, had been planted outside her home six times since 2006. “Six times they tried to assassinate me. I have shrapnel in my head and legs, and my ribs were broken,” said Um Hanadi, pulling back her headscarf to show the scars. “But all that didn’t stop me from fighting.”

Um Hanadi has not taken the violence against her loved ones lying down, however. “I fought them. I beheaded them. I cooked their heads. I burned their bodies,” she said. “This is all documented. You can see it on my Facebook page.”

Read the full story at CNN.


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