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Noor Tagouri (Instagram).


In a first, Playboy profiles hijabi Muslim journalist in story on modesty

By WITW Staff on September 28, 2016

In a show of just how dramatic a metamorphosis Playboy has gone through in the last year since announcing it would no longer publish photos of nude women, the magazine recently featured a Muslim woman wearing a hijab within its pages for the very first time. That woman is Noor Tagouri, a 22-year-old on-camera reporter for Newsy. Tagouri, who was named as one of 2016’s renegades, is famous for donning a headscarf on-screen — and challenging viewers and cultural observers at large to accept that a young Muslim woman in America can enjoy and be empowered by modesty. Tagouri, a first generation Libyan-American who amassed a significant following on YouTube before landing the job at Newsy, says her goal is to become the first American hijabi to anchor a commercial news broadcast on a U.S. network.

Not surprisingly, given her open embrace of the controversial clothing item, she’s been the subject of “hate and criticism,” but she doesn’t let it faze her. “I don’t read or pay attention to any of it,” Tagouri told Playboy. “It’s just negative energy and unhealthy. I make sure to keep a great circle of people around me who keep me grounded. Whether it’s at work or at home, the people who have my best interest at heart voice their concerns and their critiques, and I work on them. Besides that, I just do the best I can to not worry about people who get upset because they don’t like something that I wear or say.”

Tagouri has largely been mum on the issue of some of the criticism she’s faced — not just from Islamophobic types, but from Muslim men, some of whom publicly denounced her for appearing in Playboy, Slate’s Aymann Ismail pointed out in a column. Ismail writes that, as a Muslim man, he’s careful to not speak for Muslim women who are already subjected to enough unnecessary directives about how to dress and act. But he says in this case, the “controversy around a wonderful interview of an awesome Muslim woman demands a response.”

Read the full story at Slate and Playboy.


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