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Allen Artis (Twitter).

On defense

Football player accused of rape by UNC student claims ‘everything was completely consensual’

By WITW Staff on September 28, 2016

Earlier this month, Delaney Robinson, a 19-year-old sophomore at the University of North Carolina, publicly accused one of the school’s football players of raping her. On Tuesday, the player responded to the allegations, claiming the encounter between himself and Robinson was consensual. Allen Artis, a 20-year-old junior linebacker, sat down for an interview with local TV station WRAL. “I did not rape her,” Artis said flatly when asked about it by a reporter. “Everything was completely consensual that night, and that’s the truth,” he said in the interview, his mother, Stephanie sitting by his side.

Robinson alleges that Artis raped her on February 14 and said she brought her case to school authorities. Nearly seven months later, she went public with her story after saying that the school mishandled the investigation and said she “was treated like a suspect.” She pressed charges and Artis later turned himself in on a sexual battery charge. Robinson said she was motivated to go public with her allegations by the outcome of the contentious Brock Turner case earlier this year.

Artis’s mother told the TV station she’s prepared to stand by her son as long as the legal process is ongoing. “We know the truth will come out, but I think, for me, it was knowing what this was doing to his reputation and his little brother,” she said. “I know that’s what he was worried about, and you can’t put that into words.”

She added, “This could be any of our sons, and that’s the thing it’s made me realize,” she continued. “It’s Allen and it’s happening to us, but this could be any young man.”

Artis’s attorney, Kerry Sutton, has said her client has taken a polygraph test, but lawyers for Robinson have dismissed the results. In another interview, Artis, accompanied by Sutton, maintained his innocence and denied having given Robinson a date rape drug. Watch a portion of it below.

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