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Barbara Kinney.

Selfie moment

The wild scene Hillary Clinton is witnessing in this photo

September 26, 2016

As a presidential candidate, you get to witness things that ordinary American just won’t ever see. More to the point, you get to see things from a perspective the regular folk will never experience. Case in point, a viral photo of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton standing on a podium at a campaign event in Florida last week. Standing before her were dozens of adoring supporters — with their backs turned to the candidate. Smartphones in hand, the people were all taking selfies. Unsurprisingly, the photo went viral almost instantly after being posted on Twitter by Victor Ng, a Clinton campaign staffer. Some 20,000-plus retweeted the image, but many also bemoaned the sign of the times we’re living in, taking shots at millennials and Kardashian culture.

No matter where one stands in that battle of the culture wars, what’s undeniable is that the image is a great photo. The woman who captured the image is the official Clinton campaign photographer, Barbara Kinney. Mashable got ahold of Kinney, who on Twitter acknowledged she was tickled by how the photo has resonated. According to Kinney, the moment wasn’t totally organic. She told Mashable that Clinton said, “Okay everybody, turn around and we’ll do a group selfie.” Then, the staffers who were around her cleared out, giving the audience a clean shot to get a one-of-a-kind selfie.

Kinney, who has an impressive career as a photojournalist to her credit, has been with Clinton for more than two decades now. She was hired to be the campaign photographer and has captured iconic moments in the Clinton family’s life over the years, including photographing Chelsea Clinton’s wedding and snapping images of Bill during his presidency. At the outset of the campaign last year, she said her main objective is “to make great pictures that define the campaign and define Hillary.” Looks like she delivered on that goal.

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