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Professor found guilty of ‘dabbling in feminism’ released from prison in Iran


Dr. Homa Hoodfar, an Iranian-Canadian professor, has been released from a prison in Iran, where she was held for more than 100 days after a court found her guilty of “dabbling in feminism.”

Hoodfar, 65, is a professor of anthropology and sociology who worked at Montreal’s Concordia University before her retirement. She came to the attention of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard because she interviewed Iranian women on the street, and trumpeted religious teachings that promote women’s equality.

“She was accused of dabbling in feminism and being part of a global network of feminists who want to change Iranian society, and being a collaborator with foreign governments,” an anonymous source told The Huffington Post.

The Canadian government ramped up its efforts to free Hoodfar after learning that the professor, who suffers from a neurological disease called myasthenia gravis, was in very poor health. Because Canada does not have an embassy in Iran, Hoodfar’s release was secured with diplomatic assistance from Switzerland, Oman, and Italy. Hoodfar landed in Oman today, and will soon be reunited with her family in London.

“The Government of Canada has been actively and constructively engaged at the highest levels in Dr. Hoodfar’s case — since her ordeal began — working for her release and return to Canada,” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in a statement. “I would … like to recognize the cooperation of those Iranian authorities who facilitated her release and repatriation. They understand that cases like these impede more productive relations.”

Read the full story at The Huffington Post.



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