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Amy Schumer’s juxtaposition of magazine covers aimed at young girls and young boys goes viral

By WITW Staff on September 22, 2016

Amy Schumer is not a fan of the expectations being foisted on young girls by the media. She made that much clear when she shared an image of the cover of Girls’ Life, a tween magazine that featured such tips as how to get “Your Dream Hair” and how to “Wake Up Pretty,” alongside an image of the cover of Boys’ Life, which touted advice for young boys seeking careers as astronauts, firefighters, and artists. Schumer included a brief but definitive caption of her thoughts on the dichotomy — “No,” wrote Schumer. The image was swiftly re-posted by Blake Lively, who added, “second that emotion.”

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The viral photo, originally a Facebook post from business owner and mother Shoshanna Keats-Jaskoll, stirred up enough attention that Refinery29 asked Girls’ Life publisher and founding editor Karen Bokram for comment. “Are we more than lip gloss and clothes? Of course,” said Bokram. “It’s okay to lip gloss or be interested in fashion … I don’t know how [the problem] became ‘either you like lip gloss and clothes or you like being an astronaut.'” The larger issue of young girls constantly being told to focus on their appearance, however, she left unaddressed.

Dear Karen, Chun, Kelsey, Brooke & Paulette,I address all of you for two reasons. First, you are all on the masthead…

Posted by Shoshanna Keats-Jaskoll on Thursday, September 1, 2016

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