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Rora Blue's 'Handle With Care' photo series transforms sexist comments into thought-provoking art. (Instagram)

'Handle With Care'

Visual artist creates empowering art from sexist comments

By WITW Staff on September 21, 2016

Rora Blue, who captured attention via her deeply honest photo series “The Unsent Project” (a collection of unsent text messages to first loves) has launched a new, more overtly feminist project, “Handle With Care.”

The 20-year-old’s work caught the attention of, a blog created primarily for and by teenage and college-aged women. Currently a mini-collection of six images, Blue’s new series aims to capture the effect of sexist commentary. “Some phrases are things I have been told at different times during my life, others are comments that other women have submitted to me,” she explained. “The photos aim to capture modern day sexism and some of the pressures that women face in society today.”

The works are rendered in materials that evoke skills most commonly associated with women, including cooking and sewing — noodles in a bowl of soup spell out, “You’re a woman, you belong in the kitchen,” and “Why are you upset? Is it that time of the month again?” is embroidered onto a pair of underpants.

Blue invited women and girls to submit their own examples and experiences in her Instagram comments.

The artist told Al Jazeera it was something she really wanted to speak up about. “I just wanted to open it up to other women to connect and share their experiences.

“I hope it encourages men to get involved in the conversation as well. One guy told me I should be slapped for speaking up about sexism.

“In order to really achieve full equality for women, everyone needs to take part.”

Artist Flips Script on Sexist Comments

This artist had enough of the sexist BS. So she’s making art with it.

Posted by AJ+ on Friday, August 12, 2016

In a similar vein, Women in the World wrote earlier this year about photographer Anna Friemoth’s “Words for Women” series, in which the artist exposed the absurdity of a range of gendered insults aimed at women, including the terms “sugar tits” and “arm candy.”

This article has been updated to correct the artist’s age.



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