Michelle Obama ever so briefly breaks silence on Melania Trump plagiarizing her convention speech

Michelle Obama (YouTube).

During an appearance on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show Tuesday night, Michelle Obama spoke out for the first time about Melania Trump, at the Republican National Convention in July, having plagiarized portions of the speech Obama delivered at the 2008 Democratic national convention. The scandal rocked the opening night of the convention and dragged out for days until a former ballerina who works as an in-house writer for the Trump organization came forward and took responsibility for the massive blunder. Since then, both Melania Trump and Michelle Obama have been silent about the controversy.

The first lady’s remarks on the plagiarism scandal were about as brief as can be, but also tinged with her signature sense of humor. “Melania Trump was criticized for using what turned out to be a portion of your speech — but do you have any sympathy? Because there are people around her creating things, and you know, I have sympathy for her. Do you understand how that might be sympathetic, for what happened to her?” Colbert asked Obama.

“Yeah, that was tough,” Obama responded, before letting a sly smile run across her face. The audience ate it up, and Colbert moved the conversation along to the next topic. The is not the first time Obama has put her humor chops on display in a late-night TV appearance. Earlier this summer, she appeared in a segment of James Corden’s “Carpool Karaoke” in which she rapped with Miss Elliot — much to the delight of TV and internet viewers far and wide.

Watch a portion of the first lady’s appearance on for Tuesday’s Late Show during which she also discussed the nuances of being the spouse of a presidential candidate.


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