CCTV shows young teacher ignored by passersby as she’s stabbed to death in Delhi

(The Times of India/YouTube)

Disturbing footage captured by CCTV in the streets of Burari in North Delhi on Tuesday showed a man drag a woman along a sidewalk, throw her to the ground and stab her repeatedly as pedestrians walked by the scene as though nothing were happening. A man with a backpack did the most to “help,” wringing his hands in the air before backing away. A man with a motorcycle stopped and spoke with the attacker as he continued to stab the woman, who by then was motionless. Soon, everyone in the video had left the scene — except for the woman, who was left lying lifeless in the street.

The woman, Karuna Kamar, was stabbed 22 times according to the Indian Express — other outlets reported that she was stabbed up to 30 times. Kamar, who was either 21 or 22 years old according to Indian media, had been on her way to the Novel Reaches School, where she had worked as a teacher for four months. She was declared dead on arrival to the hospital.

The alleged attacker, who was eventually accosted by bystanders who held him until the arrival of police, was 34-year-old Aditya Malik, police said. He also goes by Surender Singh, according to the Indian Express. As part of her effort to become a schoolteacher, Kamar had attended computer classes that Malik taught. According to Kamar’s aunt, she was forced to discontinue taking the classes after a few years because he grew infatuated and began trying to force her to marry him. After she rejected him, according to another of Kamar’s relatives, Nagesh, Malik began to follow her.

According to Kamar’s uncle, Kamar was attacked by Malik in May after he followed her to a metro station. Brandishing the jagged edge of a beer bottle, he threatened to kill her because, apparently, she had posed with one of Malik’s friends in a photograph. The family filed a police complaint about the incident, but police withdrew the complaint, Nagesh said, after the man’s family apologized for his behavior and promised he would stop stalking her.

Users online condemned not only the passersby in the video, but police as well for ignoring the incident in May. Karuna’s murder, according to the Indian Express, was the third such attack on a woman by a stalker in Delhi in the past 48 hours. On average, more than 800 women are harassed, raped, or killed each day in India.

Portions of the video can be viewed in the news report below, but users should be warned that the content is disturbing.

Read the full story at The Washington Post.


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