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The new Seat Mii (Twitter)

Eyeliner Headlights

New car designed to ‘meet women’s daily needs’ sparks backlash

September 20, 2016

Seat and Cosmopolitan have teamed up to design a car specifically for … women. What could go wrong? The “Mii” will be a “tribute to the modern woman” and is “designed to meet women’s daily needs,” a press release said about the forthcoming vehicle. While full details and specs of the car are yet to be released, we already know it will be available in “purple” and “candy white” and feature headlights shaped to look as if they are wearing eyeliner. As Phoebe-Jane Boyd at The Guardian points out, it is the latest in a series of products such as SelloTape “Just for Girls” or “Bic for Her” which were redesigned to be marketed exclusively (and completely pointlessly) towards women (aka, about half the world’s population). “Instead of repackaged and pinked-up cars, pens and sticky stuff,” Boyd writes, “what women could really do with is for big businesses like Seat, and influential brands like Cosmopolitan, to fully understand and accept that we’re all individuals who can’t be bracketed into one uniform group ready to obediently buy from them. Human beings come in many different forms, formats, shapes and sizes – like the cars, sticky tape and pens we use – what we don’t need is to be neatly categorised as pink or blue.”

Read the full story at The Guardian.


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