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Photo by Ashland County Sheriff's Office
Photo by Ashland County Sheriff's Office


Murders of 5 women linked to serial killer in Ohio

By WITW Staff on September 20, 2016

Shawn Grate, who was arrested in Ohio last week, has been linked to the deaths of at least five women, The Washington Post reports.

Grate, 40, was discovered and apprehended after a woman he had kidnapped managed to get hold of his cellphone and call police. Officers discovered two bodies in the home where the kidnapping victim, who is thankfully alive, was held captive. Once in custody, Grate confessed to killing three more women.

The victims found in the home have been identified as 43-year-old Stacey Stanley and 29-year-old Elizabeth Griffith.

Grate led police the body of Candice Cunningham, 29, who had been buried in a wooded area of Mansfield, Ohio. He also told officers that he had strangled Rebekah Leicy, whose body was found in March of 2015. Police originally attributed her death to an overdose, and have now reopened the investigation.

Officers have connected Grate to the 2007 murder of an unidentified woman in Marion County, Ohio. Grate, who could not remember the victim’s name, said that the she sold magazine subscriptions to his mother. When she didn’t deliver them, he became upset. One year later, he ran into the woman, lured her into his car, stabbed her, and burned the body.

In court on Monday, Grate pleaded not-guilty to two murder charges and one charge of kidnapping. The other cases are currently under investigation.

Sheriff Tim Bailey, who worked on the 2007 Marion County case, told reporters that Grate is “obviously a serial killer.”

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