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Some critics allege Apple has a glass ceiling (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)


Apple cultivates toxic environment for women, former and current employees allege

By WITW Staff on September 16, 2016

Tech giant Apple’s working environment is toxic for women, according to more than 50 pages of emails leaked to the website Mic by former and current Apple employees. Employees detailed incidents such as being subjected to rape jokes over work chat, being told to smile by their managers, being passed over for promotions, and even, in one case, being forced to take a demotion after the company admitted that the work environment was toxic but said a transfer to a lower ranking, lower paying job was the only way to change things.

Employees said they emailed the company’s Business Conduct contact to no avail, and multiple women said they even emailed the company’s CEO, Tim Cook, but received no response. Cook, meanwhile, has garnered positive PR from taking the time to respond to random customer emails — a thorny situation regarding an alleged toxic work environment, however, appears to have been above his pay grade.

Male employees too said they experienced gendered harassment. In one case, an employee said in an email sent to Cook and others that his colleagues harassed him by continually telling him he “resembled having the qualities of a woman” and that he was on his “man period.” An anonymous female employee said that “several people” she knew who quit because of the “white, male, Christian, misogynist, sexist environment” were not given exit interviews. “Their departure is being written up as positive attrition,” she said.

Women make up 32 percent of Apple’s global workforce according to the company’s most recent diversity report, but when Apple’s board was called upon by investors to increase the diversity of their board in January, leadership balked. In a proxy statement, the board called such changes “unduly burdensome and not necessary.”

Read the full story at Mic.


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