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Rev. Faith Green Timmons of the Bethel United Methodist Church in Flint, Michigan, confronts Donald Trump about criticizing Hillary Clinton insider her church on Wednesday, September 14, 2016.

Not in my house

Trump takes swipe at church pastor who interrupted him during speech

September 15, 2016

Very few people in this world can claim that they’ve shut down Donald Trump when he’s in the middle of a diatribe. Even fewer can say they’ve done it in public, but one person who can now boast about such a feat is Rev. Faith Green Timmons of the Bethel United Methodist Church in Flint, Michigan. Timmons had invited Trump to speak at her church as the GOP presidential nominee made a visit to be briefed on the city’s ongoing water problems. When Trump’s remarks on Wednesday veered into a passage of campaign rhetoric impugning Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, Timmons approached the podium and said, “Mr. Trump, I invited you here to thank us for what we’ve done in Flint, not give a political speech.” A stunned-looking Trump stammered, “Oh, oh, oh, OK … OK, OK … that’s good. Then I’m going back onto Flint, OK? Flint’s pain is a result of so many different failures.” Several people in the audience applauded and one shout of “Well done!” could be heard. Some people in the audience continued to heckle Trump as he tried to return to his prepared remarks, with one woman questioning him about accusations that he discriminated against black prospective tenants when he was landlord in the 1970s.

“No, I never would, never would,” Trump replied. Timmons then re-emerged on the stage and chided the heckler, telling her, “This is my church and you will respect him.” There were cameras rolling when it happened and video of the exchange is below.

By Thursday morning, Trump was answering questions from the media about the awkward confrontation. During an appearance on Fox News, Trump implied Timmons had a political agenda in interrupting him. “Everyone plays their games, it doesn’t bother me,” Trump said. He claimed Timmons was shaking when she approached him. “She was so nervous, she was like a nervous mess. I figured something was up.”

Read the full story at The New York Times.


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