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Tense exchange

Ivanka Trump loses temper when questioned about Donald’s comments on pregnant employees

By WITW Staff on September 15, 2016

Speaking to Cosmopolitan’s Prachi Gupta about Donald Trump’s recently released child care and maternity plan, Ivanka Trump lost her temper and stopped the interview short after being questioned about the importance of paid paternal leave and her father’s past comments on pregnant employees.

With the Trump campaign desperate to improve the real estate mogul’s dismal standing with women — 65 percent of whom say they hold an unfavorable view of the candidate, according to an ABC News/Washington Post poll from late August — Ivanka Trump has been increasingly called upon to reach out to female voters. But after a strong start to her interview with Cosmo, in which she extolled the benefits of a plan that would offer new mothers six weeks of paid maternity leave and tax deductions for stay-at-home parents, it appeared that the stress of continually having to defend her father’s track record with women may have gotten to her.

The trouble started after Gupta asked Ivanka about the campaign’s silence on paternity leave, which Gupta noted has been “said to be a great factor in creating gender equality.” Ivanka initially dodged the question, noting that “both sides of the aisle have been unable to agree on this issue” and adding that maternity leave benefits female same-sex couples as well. As Gupta attempted to follow up on the question of same-sex couples, Ivanka swiftly cut her off, reiterating that “the plan is to help mothers in recovery in the immediate aftermath of childbirth.”

The final straw for Ivanka, however, was when Gupta brought up her father’s comments from 2004, in which he said that a pregnant employee “is an inconvenience for a person that is running a business.” Ivanka laid into Gupta, accusing her of “negativity” and of possibly making up the quote entirely. After one more question about the feasibility of funding the plan amongst other promises of lower tax rates and increased spending — including the creation of a wall between the U.S. and Mexico — Ivanka abruptly ended the interview, saying, “I’m going to jump off, I have to run. I apologize.”

Gupta thanked Ivanka for her time, but, judging by Ivanka’s response, it appeared the businesswoman no longer saw the need to be polite.

Read the full story at Cosmopolitan and Business Insider.


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