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Melissa Wardlow, with 3-year-old Jordan, and 8-month-old Addison. (Facebook/ The Dallas Morning News/ John F. Rhodes)

Hands on

Another photo of a multitasking supermom goes viral

September 14, 2016

Just days after Megan Meier posted a photo of herself to social media, carrying her 3-year-old daughter on her back while 35-weeks pregnant and hard at work as team physician for her high school football team in Oklahoma City, another supermom has emerged working the sidelines.

Melissa Wardlow, whose husband is a coach for the Lake Ridge team in Dallas, Texas, can be seen shooting photos for the team at last Friday night’s game while carrying 3-year-old son Jordan on her back, and 8-month-old Addison on her front — camera in one hand and baby’s bottle in the other. The image was captured The Dallas Morning News special contributor John F. Rhodes.

Tracked down for comment, the 32-year-old photographer brushed off any suggestion of maternal heroics, saying it was just another day. “I throw the kids on and away we go,” said Wardlow. “I started taking pictures before I had kids, and I was on the sideline when I was pregnant. It didn’t matter; I was on the sideline.”

Wardlow says Jordan loves “fist pumping” on the sidelines as much as she does, and that “everybody wants to talk to the crazy lady with the children: referees, line judges. They all do.”

“At least if they’re with me, they’re not in the stands running around being crazy. It’s just easier.”

As Meier said of her earlier photo, “as working mothers, we often have to multitask in a pinch, and it’s so much easier when people are understanding of this. We don’t make excuses — we find solutions.”

Like Meier, whose post resonated with thousands of working mothers — and non-mothers, too — Wardlow’s no-nonsense, cheerful attitude has struck a chord with commenters on Facebook.

“Should have seen her last December when she was 9 months pregnant on the field……….she HAD that baby right after Lake Ridge played in the state championship game. Barely made it back from Houston!!! You go Melissa!!!,” wrote Cindy Manley.

Told there were a number of commenters concerned about her children’s safety on the sidelines, Wardlow responded calmly: “Everybody is different. My children are my priority; whatever I have to do [I do] to make sure they’re well taken care of.”

As Coach Taylor would say, Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose!

Special contributor John F. Rhodes captured this photo of photographer Melissa Wardlow, who might be the ultimate…

Posted by The Dallas Morning News on Sunday, September 11, 2016

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