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Kate Bryan (LinkedIn)

Ok, then

Catholic writer claims she is living ‘the feminist dream’ by abstaining from sex

By Brigit Katz on September 13, 2016

Kate Bryan, a 32-year-old Catholic who writes for conservative and anti-abortion organizations, has claimed in an Op-Ed for The Washington Post that her celibacy allows her to pursue “the feminist dream.”

Bryan is abstaining from all types of sexual affection, including kissing, until marriage. She explains in her essay that she subscribes to a notion of chastity put forth by Saint John Paul II — namely “that every human being is a sexual being, but that we’re also rational — which means we don’t have to be mastered by our physical desires.”

Because no one ever accomplished anything while also maintaining an active sex life, Bryan believes that her commitment to “sexual integrity” has left her with enough free time to pursue all her goals and interests, like sculling on the Potomac River. And that, apparently, is feminism.

“I spend all day, every day doing the things that I want to do, because I’m not wasting my time worrying about waking up next to a stranger, contracting a sexually transmitted infection or missing a period,” she writes.

You do you, Kate. But here’s a thought: someone who actively opposes women’s reproductive rights may not the best person to ruminate on the principles of feminism.

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