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Toy hackers

YouTube show hosted by popular vlogger teaches girls to hack their toys

By WITW Staff on September 12, 2016

Toy company GoldieBlox launched Toy Hackers last week, a new YouTube series aimed at teaching girls how to “hack” their own toys. Host of the series is Simone Giertz, the popular vlogger who dubbed herself the “queen of shitty robots” (because she builds things like an alarm clock that slaps you awake). In the new show the Toy Hackers Secret Society, a group of female engineers will come up with innovative solutions to everyday problems and offer a step-by-step guide for kids to replicate their invention. “It’s about showing kids that they can shape the world around them, and empowering them to build things and to create things,” Giertz said. The first two episodes will feature a speaker and pulley system, both made with everyday household items. GoldieBlox became known for its engineering toys aimed at girls — and while anyone is able and free to build these inventions, the YouTube series does target girls specifically, because “engineering is still very, very unbalanced between the genders,” Giertz told Fortune. The show wants to encourage girls to experiment with engineering from a young age, as well as provide them with the right female role models. “There’s a big difference when someone is the same gender as you. It helps get rid of those assumptions of ‘I can’t do this,’” she added.

Watch the trailer for the show below:

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