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Rachel and Rebecca Crouch at work (Source: Facebook/

It Takes Two

Identical twin sisters are school principals by day, a live art duo by night

September 6, 2016

Rebecca and Rachel Crouch are identical twins leading identical lives. Both work as principals at charter schools in Washington, D.C., during the day. And at night they’ve made a name for themselves as a dynamic live art duo, creating colorful paintings of President Obama, civil rights leaders, children and so on, in front of a live audience.  “If you look at my portfolio, you’ll look at the stories of all my kids I work with every day,” Rebecca said. While they consider the live-painting just a side gig, they’ve gained popularity across the country. In 2010, they were even invited to perform at D.C.’s Annual Mayor’s Arts Awards at the Kennedy Center, taking just nine minutes to paint an eight-foot-square mural.

Their real focus, however, is their schools. The sisters grew up in Chicago, where they went to a top public school, and discovered their passion for education when they started tutoring in college, and learned about the widespread inequality in the education system. “I didn’t know that there were other schools where kids couldn’t read and write,” Rachel told The Washington Post. “Then in college, I tutored at an elementary school, and I realized I could do something about it.” As principals, the sisters have similar leadership styles, being praised for getting their staff to go along with their missions. One new success was realized recently; both sisters found out last week that their schools had made gains on the standardized tests of the Common Core curriculum.

Read the full story at The Washington Post.


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