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Shawnee Chasser in her treehouse preparing popcorn (Facebook: Shawnee's Greenthumb Popcorn)


Grandmother has to leave treehouse home of 24 years, county says

By WITW Staff on September 6, 2016

Shawnee Chasser, a 65-year old grandmother from Biscaye Gardens, Florida, who has lived in an open-air treehouse for 24 years, is facing off with county officials, who claim her house is illegal, unsafe and should be demolished within four months. “When I am up in my tree house in thunder, lightning and rain I am in heaven,” Chasser who sells homemade organic popcorn at Whole Foods, said during an interview. “There’s nothing nicer, more spiritual, more wonderful.”

Chasser, who has an aversion to living indoors and has lived in the treehouse since 1992 ran into trouble with the local government after someone filed a complaint against her. “This has got to be my first time ever of somebody living in a tree house,” said Ricardo Roig, who has worked for the Miami-Dade county for 26 years. He explained that South Florida has a strict building code given the frequency of hurricanes, and the fact that her house was built illegally and cannot be brought up to county standards mean it has to be torn down. Chasser, who has already paid $3,000 in fines, said she cannot afford an engineer or architect to help her meet the standards, but she remains defiant.  “I’m not taking down anything,” she said. “I’ll chain myself to that tree house.”

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