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Authorities say woman survived car crash … but then was fatally shot by the other driver

By WITW Staff on September 2, 2016

Deborah Pearl, a 53-year-old woman from a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, got into a horrible car accident last weekend and somehow survived — only to be shot to death, minutes later, by the man who had crashed into her vehicle. The mother of three was driving to work on Saturday morning, when a man driving a Jeep ignored a red light and slammed into the driver’s side of her Ford Taurus, causing it to flip over several times. She and the other driver both survived the crash, but the man emerged from his Jeep holding a rifle, according to authorities. Police say the man then shot Pearl several times while she was holding up her hands.  “I can’t get her screams out of my head,” an anonymous witness told, saying that watching the events unfold had left her traumatized. Pearl was taken to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead on arrival. “Words can’t explain what we’re going through,” Pearl’s son Derryo Pearl told “This is the roughest patch a human being can go through. I’ve gone through tough times before, but it wasn’t like this.” The SUV driver, later identified as  29-year-old Matthew Ryan Desha, a former Marine who had been deployed to Iraq twice, was taken into custody and charged with murder.  Kathleen Salvatore, his neighbor, told WEWS News that he was going through hard times after leaving the Marine corps in 2008. “He was also the kind of person that if someone was trying to mess with him, like a guy picking a fight with him, you’re going to get pummeled,” she told the news channel.

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