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99-year-old school secretary celebrates 80-year work anniversary

By WITW Staff on September 2, 2016

At 99 years old, Elisabeth Davis still reports for work every day as a school secretary for Culver Academies in Indiana — as she proudly has done for the past 80 years. Davis started working at the school in 1936, right after she graduated from high school, since she did not have the money to go to college. She has been at the prep school ever since, where her work — keeping up the records of each faculty member, using an old-fashioned typewriter and penmanship — is still much appreciated by faculty and students. Davis loves the work and says it has helped her stay busy after her husband died in 2004. “I’m happy because after my husband passed away, at home I’m all by myself, and during the day I’m here with people and they say I’m doing a good job,” she told Good Morning America. The nonagenarian still lives at home independently and carpools to work every day with a colleague. Even after her 80th “workiversary,” she is still not thinking about retirement. “The academy has been good to me and I try the best that I can,” she said. “I’m just blessed with another day to do what I can do.”

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