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Michele Yulo with her daughter Gabi (Source: Facebook/Princess Free Zone)


Mom defies gender norms with ‘suits for girls’ business

By WITW Staff on September 1, 2016

When Michele Yulo realized how casually her young daughter, Gabi, defied common gender norms — declining pink dresses and princesses and asking for a buzz cut instead — it made her fully realize that gender is a construct and sparked a business idea. “I began to understand how fashion — our ideas of what a girl or boy ‘should’ look like — has a tremendous effect on how children view themselves and each other. Ultimately, these attitudes spill over into adulthood,” Yulo told Forbes. “I realized then that my goal in life was to change how children acquire ideas about gender from fashion, in order to help challenge and prevent gender stereotypes.”

The clothing company she started, called Princess Free Zone, started with more unusual girls’ T-shirts designs (featuring dinosaurs or soccer balls), but quickly expanded into a clothing line called “SUIT HER,” offering unique suits designed for girls between 5 and 12 years old. With this line, the “mompreneur” hopes to help children break free from the “tiny boxes society constructed for them”.

“It always comes back to my core belief that identity should not be spoon-fed,” she says, “that children deserve to forge their own unique selves, and that this can only make the world a better place.”

Read the full story at Forbes.


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